Lou and Pete - July 2021

Lou and Pete got married on the 2nd July 2021 in a stunning venue in Cambridgeshire called Longstowe Hall, it has beautiful gardens which they were lucky enough to be able to use for their outdoor ceremony.

Their colour scheme was all different shades of dusky pinks with a hint of burgundy, I absolutely loved creating with this colour palette as it was so different to anything I'd done before.

In Lou's bouquet were 'Mont martre' roses (pictured below) which have a stunning dusky pink swirly centre and are definitely one of my new favourites. She also had spray roses, lisianthus, chrysanthemum blooms, astrantia, waxflower, astilbe, carnations, 'moondust' roses, eucalyptus, ruscus and asparagus fern.

Lou also requested a single white orchid head as a nod to her father which was just tucked into the bouquet so it wasn't necessarily obvious it was in there but when you looked closer you could see it. Her bouquet was finished off with white ribbon on the handle so nothing detracted from the flowers.

The shape was also not perfectly round but was a bit more oval shaped as this gives a more wild and natural look which is what we were going for and also lends itself to the way the foliages sit naturally.

There were three bridesmaids at this wedding who were dressed in a lovely burgundy shade so these bouquets really suited them. We decided to do smaller versions of Lou's bouquet for them as these would later be used to decorate the venue during the reception. They also held a wide mix of flowers but did not include the orchid head as this made Lou's bouquet more special.

For Pete's buttonhole, he asked if he could also have a single orchid head to match Lou's bouquet and to also make him stand out a bit more. While the rest of the groomsmen and 4 year old Freddie had small clusters of material all tied with twine with the stems showing. The ladies corsages were very similar but more feminine and were tied with ribbon, also with the stems showing. All the buttonholes were attached with pins whilst Freddie's was attached with a safety pin and the corsages were attached with magnets to protect their dresses.

For their top table, Lou and Pete decided to go for a long and low style arrangement which is exactly like it sounds! It sits in front of the couple but is lower down so they can see over the top of it and the foliage trails along the table and down the front. This was done in the same flowers as everything else so it all tied together.

As they were lucky enough to have their ceremony outside it only seemed right to have some flowers to decorate the aisle and the bridge leading over to the little island with the wooden gazebo on, so I suggested some small bunches of flowers to tie onto the ends of the bridge with some small foliage bunches to alternate on the aisle chairs.

We also brought some loose stems for the cake maker to dress the cake with so it had some of their colour scheme on. We did three simple clusters just to make sure the cake fitted in with the rest of the decorations.

I got to try a piece of this as I was an evening guest due the knowing Lou and Pete anyway and it was absolutely delicious!

Professional photos by: Ayelle Photography

Liz and Adam are truly amazing photographers and I would 100% recommend them!

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