How to re-use your wedding flowers through out the day:

Flowers are expensive I know, so you want to make sure they're getting as much use out of them as possible! The best solution is to repurpose flowers from your reception to your ceremony, this way you are really getting your moneys worth. I have compiled a few tips that should help you with deciding what types of arrangements to go for as well as other things to consider.

Types of arrangements to go for:

  • A statement piece such as an arch, pillars, or an urn. As these tend to be freestanding they are fairly easy to move. Anything that is attached to something at the venue, for example a mantlepiece arrangement, can't always be moved.

  • Yours and your bridesmaids bouquets can be reused around the venue, you could get some vases and put the bouquets on the cake or gift table or if you have enough they could even be used as the table centres. I hate to see bridesmaid bouquets abandoned and left to wilt so its always a great idea to use them somehow.

  • Aisle flowers such as meadow boxes could be used to line the front of the top table giving a real impact, or smaller arrangements could double up as table centres.

Things you may need to consider when moving items:

  • For the larger items or if you're moving quite a few items, your florist and their team may need to stay on site to quickly be able to move things from the ceremony to the reception as they will make sure arrangements are placed in the right place

and in the right position so they are looking their best. Venues are usually happy to do it themselves and are normally very good at it but larger items may be heavy and require more people, and there's nothing worse as a florist to look back at the photos and see an arrangement has been moved but its facing the wrong way so you can't even see all the pretty flowers you've paid for. Just bear in mind that you will need to pay your florist for their time and for them to stay on site and do this move, It won't be free but it will definitely be worth it.

  • If its just one or two small items, speak to your venue as they are usually happy to do this or if not speak to a trusted member of the bridal party to help.

  • Is it actually do-able to move the items? for example if you have a large urn like the photo above in an upstairs room, this is likely going to be very difficult to move if the second part of your wedding is to be downstairs as this will be very difficult and potentially dangerous for someone to carry down stairs.

  • You will also need to check the distance its being moved from, is it just being moved across a room or is it a bit of a walk? For example, what may be a 5 minute walk without carrying anything, it may be a much longer walk if you've got a heavy arch to move.

  • Just remember that not all designs can actually be moved, like i mentioned about, if it is attached to something at the venue such as a permanent arch or gazebo, this is very unlikely to be able to be moved.

  • We can't take a design apart and remake it into something else. There usually isn't enough time to do this and the flowers have already been cut to the length needed for the first design and they make not suit another design.

I hope this gives a bit of help and insight into repurposing designs but if you have any questions, please pop me and email at x

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