How much do wedding flowers cost?

This is one of those questions that can't really be answered without needing some more information. Its also like asking "how long is a bit of string?" but I know wedding flower pricing can be very confusing and overwhelming to the people who aren't in the wedding industry every day aka most couples getting married!

So when it comes to weddings, flowers will definitely cost you more than your average gift bouquet, but this is because there is so much more work that goes into them, I wont go into that now as I'll write a whole other blog post about this, but I say this so you aren't surprised when your bridal bouquet doesn't cost the same as a £45 gift bouquet.

There are many factors that go into wedding flower pricing such as the season, the colour palette (for example if you're wanting red around Valentines day or Christmas then expect it to cost a bit more!), the amount of items you're having, the look/vibe you're going for, how much abundance you would like, how far away the venue is, if more than one florist is needed to create your flowers, if more than one vehicle is needed to transport your flowers and so many more things. The list could go on forever!

At Sophie May Floral we cater to varying sizes of weddings, mainly:

Small weddings £750-1500

Luxury weddings £2000-4000

Premium weddings £5000+

Within the small wedding price point you could be looking at having flowers for your bridal party such as your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, flowers for page boys and flower girls, as well as a statement piece such as some entrance flowers or something for your ceremony, depending on the size of these you may also get some other décor but don't expect a full blown installation abundant with loads of blooms within this.

Within the Luxury wedding price point you could be looking at everything from the small wedding price point but with a larger installation/statement piece which could be used in your ceremony and moved to your reception, as well as some aisle and entrance flowers, these can also be reused in your reception.

Above the premium wedding price point you could expect full abundance and a floral

heaven! This could include all of the usual stuff such as bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, flower girl and page boy flowers as well as a big statement piece, aisle flowers, entrance flowers, table centres and more! Everything to give your wedding the wow factor!

If your struggling with ideas for your wedding and would like personalised advice on pricing then please get in touch. Either fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of my home page or email me at

Please note pricing will vary and this is not an exact guide of everything you will get but just a rough idea of what could be possible.

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