Choosing your wedding florist

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days in your life and you're always going to remember it, so you need to make sure you are 100% happy with your choices otherwise you may regret it later on. You don't want to look back and think "I really wish we went with that other florist who's style I liked more!" or "I wish we hadn't chosen that florist just because they were cheapest!"

Read on for a few simple Do's and Don'ts on choosing your wedding florist.

The Do's:

  1. Make sure you choose a florist who's style you love! For example my style is very wild and natural so you wouldn't come to me if you wanted super tight and compact arrangements.

  2. Choose the one that you feel really 'gets' your vision. This way you'll be 100% happy that they'll create something you'll love, it's super important to trust your florist.

  3. Go for the florist that you feel has good communication skills. If you're finding that its extremely hard to get a response from a florist then they may not be the one for you. But do remember that florists are busy people so don't expect an immediate reply all the time (especially during wedding season).

  4. Make sure you choose a florist that you feel happy to pay their costs without trying to haggle. This is a sure sign that you value their work as well as their time and expertise.

  5. And lastly, choose a florist that you are excited to work with and feel completely comfortable giving them creative license to create something gorgeous to suit your vibe and aesthetic.

The Don'ts:

  1. Don't choose a florist just because they're the cheapest, I promise you cheaper doesn't always mean better and if its a lot cheaper than any other florists you have spoken to then they are likely undercutting everyone else in the industry as well as not valuing their work and you probably wont actually get what you are imagining as they haven't charged enough to buy the flowers, pay their overheads, pay themselves and make a profit.

  2. Don't choose one who works in a different style to what you're after. Similar to what I said earlier but don't go to a florist who tends to do very small arrangements if you are after something big!

  3. Don't choose a florist if you don't actually trust them. This is super important because if you don't trust your florist you'll be stressed that they aren't going to create what you had in mind and you won't give them the creative license they need to create something gorgeous.

  4. Don't choose them if you don't value the time and expertise it takes to create your wedding flowers.

These are just a few of the main things to think about when choosing your wedding florist, if you think of anything else then feel free to pop it in the comments below!

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